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Hmmm, got hacked .... Oh well

Favorite Series
Game of Thrones
Goosebumps *...*
Mary Kills People
So shes kinda like a lame good serial killer >.>
No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 4
I can't seem to 'not' focus on the beard. It's pretty interesting, a show which I can watch when I'm bored or waiting for other series episodes I guess. I like the different characters too.
Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1
Crying and waiting.... ;-;
Lucifer Season 2 Episode 1
.. That detective is sooo dumb >.> And oblivious too <.<
Stranger Things
even stranger is my love for strange stuff o.o
Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 10
PFFFFHAHAHAHHAHAHA xD tommens reaction was priceless xD ahem *coughs* i mean it was sad and it is a great loss... xD And YAY king of the north ^.^ the lil mormont is still my fav
Game of Thrones
YAY BASTARD BRAWLL !! I wud've been pissed of if jon had died again >.> Now the series is even more exciting *-* And the dragons r back too <3
New Girl
They keep saying she's the new girl, but she's getting old... >.>
Just a lot of smart people doing smart things while making stupid mistakes and solving it in an even smarter way... And they are wearing suits....
12 Monkeys
Monekys are smart >.> <.<
The Originals
All the witch spells in this sounds more and more like another version of Dothraki from GoT to me.... >.>
The Originals
I almost cried when I saw a certain cute guy die, but then I realized I have no heart ..... Sad though xD
The Originals
Is it wrong that i find Klaus' accent sooo hot ???
i dont know why, but that last piece of brain actually looked delicious.... i might be a zombie... or its because i imagined it as chicken. Its been a few weeks since i ate chicken... So goooddd...
Being Human
Dorky werewolf, cute vampire and a not-so-awesome-but-okay ghost O.O
Game of Thrones
One word... Dragon Porn... xD
Family Guy
Almost everything you nees to know about life... :3
He's my new idol... *___* He's everything I wanna be -hawwtt, psycho, evil, alien-possessed , and packs a good punch...