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Favorite Series

Based upon Kelly Armstrong's "Women of the Otherworld" series of novels, I look forward to getting around to watching this series eventually. Hopefully it lives up to the books.
Dark Matter
Season 3 is released in June. The release dates here are wrong, for those looking for the episodes.
The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 10
v Below is the reason you should never read these comments sections, because IDIOTS like to ruin things for everyone else. Typical inconsiderate and selfish behavior of idiots. If you do not wish for spoilers, DO NOT read further down.
The Flash
yahwealex, it's not a new guy. It's the same guy who stole Well's face in the first place. His real face was only used in a handful of episodes, and as a result, that's why you don't recognise him. But that's Thorne, the Reverse Flash, who stole Harry Well's face and impersonated him for two decades or so. Also, you guys really, really, really, shouldn't be giving details about what happens in the episode here. It's not fair on others. At the very least, click that it includes spoilers.
Heroes Reborn
I'm mixed in my opinion right now. As a continuation of the original series... it's too different, and has too few of the original cast, even those seem to be quickly evaporating... Time will tell if they can make this worth the time.
Marvel's Daredevil
pphawkins, here's a tip next time you post: Don't include ANY information about what happens, no matter how small. It annoys a lot of people.