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know Sitcom guys !! and the Spoilers also #tvSeriesNerd#elite#Critic#RT#thinker

Favorite Series
awesome !!!
Teen Wolf
never thought this show will hook me watching . damn it is !
Black Sails
Its good story line , definitely watch able . jose score : 3.5/5
not looking promising , book is better (its not always ), wanna kill some time go ahead , but tight time management _dont watch it , time will tell but for now NOT WORTH IT
bad ass program jose score : 4.2/5
Breaking Bad
look people i know what iam saying . finest sitcom u will ever watch .excellent acting and story direction. jose score : 4.7/5
s1 and s2 awesome . s3 good ,but s4 pathetic ,.. same repetition with nothing new and totally destroyed the Ras alguls mysteriousness .. jose score : 2.9/5
Marvel's Daredevil
its a show in making ..very good now but need costume upgrade else it will catch up ,intime may be marvels best in making !!! Jose Score : 3.8/5
Da Vinci's Demons
s1 awesome s2 very good s3 average
True Detective
slow but worth it !
The Vampire Diaries
same old twist
The Big Bang Theory
one of th e best !
Game of Thrones
on of best series i watched so far , 7 kingdom crap, death in every episode , god knows plot - one word very intriguing