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<3 I am everything you lost, everything you never had <3

Favorite Series
Person of Interest
Absolutely loved it many questions on could this really be happening and many tears to with the losses, loved Root and Shaw's relationship and Bear <3 RIP Root but you live on through the machine!!
After Dark made his underground city i just couldnt be assed anymore it's basically the same storyline someone who is evil wants to blow up the city
Love it though it bugged the shit outta me that Liv just couldn't seem to settle down. Can't wait for the next season!!!
Grey's Anatomy
Loved the way it used to be with Mcdreamy and Mcsteamy but after the plane crash is just got better...then after killing off Derek i just found it wasn't the same
OMG OMG OMG Love the music and the show Tom Ellis is definitely Devil material and love the banter between him and his brother!!
Marvel's Daredevil
Season 1 was good but couldn't get into the second season :s
The Walking Dead
I find it has slowed down so haven't watched in a while but do enjoy it.
The Flash
Except for the recent ending been loving it
Wayward Pines
Season 1 was a little freaky but i enjoyed it when the plot unraveled, not so sure on season 2
Game of Thrones
OMG the last episode of the last season "Burn them all"
Still sitting on the fence so far loving who they have for Jessy, Tulip and the vamp they are great actors for the roles abit confused with some characters that are not like in the comics and how the storyline has been changed fingers crossed it just gets better.