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Favorite Series
Marvel's Daredevil
@Guggas Those shows we're cancelled because Disney holds the rights to particular marvel projects & is also starting their own streaming service.... Which means everything owned by Disney that is currently on netflix, WILL be getting removed....
Cobra Kai
For Easier Viewing of "Cobra Kai" Check out the site below....it is 100% FREE & 100% Focused on "Cobra Kai"
The Flash
SOOOOO Sick of people bitching about the ending of season 3......When Season 4 comes, You're all gonna be glad that what happened, indeed happened (Not gonna say What's coming) But you'll all see that it was well worth it, what happened to barry. For what to come.....Is AMAZING (no joke)
Lost Season 6 Episode 18
https :// www . youtube . com/ watch?v=K7T-oPoQYKI (REMOVE SPACES WHERE NEEDED)
Lost Season 6 Episode 18
Lost Was Amazing, But S06E18 wasn't The End...LOL not by a long shot. Check out This Vid (S07E00) For Alternate ending/Reboot Idea [Made with last episode-bonus features-deletes scenes-and the lost soundtrack]