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  • 16% Fantasy
  • 16% Sci-Fi
  • 16% Action
  • 10% Mystery
  • 8% Crime
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Just lurking around... respect me then i shall respect u too... btw i rarely online here... anyone need to contact me can do so on instagram or twitter.. just search afny90 k bubye

Favorite Series
Marvel's Luke Cage
this is kewl for me xD .. jessica jones buddy
Almost Human
whoop ps4 damn typing error.. still this is quite a good drama
Almost Human
this remind me of the new P4 game Detroit xD
Lucifer Season 1 Episode 13
whenever i rewatch this.. damn cliffhanger T_T
so his mother escape from hell.. its gonna be hell on earth.. was his mother named lilith? i'm curious... >.<
i just can't help but rewatching everything :3
Marvel's Daredevil
just great ^_^... another series for me to waste my time on xD
The Night Manager
seriously loki? and dr. from house? wow i might try watching this
Running Man
i always like this.. no matter which episodes there is.. never bored
Shadowhunters Season 1 Episode 6
yeay for malec 4 eva !!! :3
Lucifer Season 1 Episode 4
noooooeeessss is he turning human T_T
i love this but i'm so lazy to watch all season ... =_="
The Mentalist
eventhough this has been out for a very long time.. i'm still hooked up to this series... crime scene investigation is just fascinating..
Lucifer Season 1 Episode 3
yeah boom out of the way... it seems lucifer keeps showing his power as the episodes goes on ^_^ i lovvvveee itttt
hell yeah, i'm waiting and now i'm watching, lovin it!!!